Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Side of France, Toulouse! ♥

Why hello hello, it's been a while..
Many many things have been happening recently and I just did not have the time and mood to blog :(
But I feel that I have been missing in action way too long since I have promised that I will update about Toulouse a while back. So, here we go! ;)

♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥

Toulouse is apparently the 3rd largest city in France (according to my lecturer) and it's more of a suburb area rather than a happening city like Paris. So, it was good for a change since Paris was so busy and knowingly dangerous for pick pockets and etc. And it was a real long journey from Paris by bus, approximately 7-8 hours. Yup, by the time we were there, it was all about backache, butt ache and all kinda aches here and there.

Pretty scenery along the way, very therapeutic for the busy mind. And while we were on the way, CK and I found some cute and yummy food.

Cute little mini cookies!
These lovelies are everywhere! ❤
Must try!!! Awesomeness in a bottle!

So, we were checked in into B&B 
Hotel and it was pretty good I would say. The rooms were small but decent in size, clean and comfortable, would definitely consider it for my next visit.

Vending machines are almost everywhere and it's so convenient to get food and beverages, these were just at the lobby of our hotel! :p And there's a microwave for you to heat up your food as well.

My dear roommate for the trip and our little cozy room; 2 singular beds, a small wardrobe, a set of table and chair and a decent sized bathroom.

And this was our view from the room's window. Couldn't have ask for more 

After all the unpacking and settling down, we decided to take the metro train to the town area to get some food since it was already late evening, we can't do shopping as most of the stores close at 7pm. And one of the many reasons why I love this hotel is that it's just 5 minutes walk away from one of the stations and it's also located pretty near to a police station.

3 days pass for the metro (:

After walking around for a bit, we finally decided to try out this restaurant which looked so cozy and pretty local to me. 

It would be good if you know some basic French or bring along a dictionary for translation as the waiters do not speak much of English but they are really friendly and patience even though with the minor language barrier. We were famished and decided to order a starter of Escargots, a main dish for each of us and another to be shared, along with some rose wine (:


Lobster and salmon salad! Very huge portion and yummy!

One of the best rose I had there (:

Clams and the portion is huge as well

We did not know how big the portion is going to be and assuming it would be small, we actually ordered too much. And when the dishes are served one by one, our eyes almost popped out from their sockets and we knew we were in deep trouble even though we are big eaters. In the end, we went back with super bloated tummies and 'tapao' one of the dishes back.

And that's the end of day 1. 

The next day, we have to go to Université de Toulouse for our first day of school there since we were required to complete an assignment given by the university as it was part of our module. The university looked a little aged but I love how they combined its simplicity in design with nature and art!  

This field is a favorite hangout place for the students during their breaks, you would see many of the French sitting on the grass and enjoying the sun while the most of the Asians would get a spot under the tree shading away from the sun, LOL!

One of the meals by their canteen
New discovery, Coca-Cola Cherry
Our awesome team for the assignment!
Just fooling around while awaiting for lecture

The few days in Toulouse were pretty much getting to the university to do our assignment then grab our dinner and chill a little around town.  If we were lucky enough to leave earlier, we would try to get to the stores and malls ASAP for some quick shopping.

My most memorable moment would be celebrating my birthday there! My friends decided to pull a "birthday prank" by circling around the table during breakfast, acting as though they just wanted to talk and chill but all of a sudden.. 'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,...', they sang me a birthday song, plant and lighted a candle on a croissant and tadaa!~ Although it was a small gesture but it meant a lot to me, something which I would cherish forever. Thanks guys! :')

The famous rose ice-cream

And we found a underground restaurant for dinner!

It was perfect; lovely ambiance and awesome food with great company!

Welcome candy for the guests 

Duck wrapped like a wanton like skin

Dinner there was awesome and the night couldn't be more perfect (: And of course, a selfie to capture the moment!

I have always enjoyed the night strolls we had while walking back to our hotel as it's shown in the photo, it's really a lovely and wonderful view. And since it was still my birthday, they decided to have a 2nd round of drinks back at the hotel. These hipsters improvised their phones into coasters for their beer, LOL.

And so my birthday ended with a great night of jokes, laughter and beer; my very first birthday in a foreign land which I would remember for a lifetime ♥

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .~ . ~ . ~

To be continued...

Much loves, xoxo.

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