Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Product Review: Mario Badescu Skin Care

Work, stress, lack of sleep, crazy weather..

Some of the very common factors that cause breakouts and it's been a while since I have such a terrible breakout and it's so depressing! :(

But positivism is the way to go, right? So, here's a selfie!

So.. while I was sinking in my depression about the bad breakouts, next came an invitation for a product review on Mario Badescu Skin Care range. Speaking about right timing! :p

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What's Mario Badescu?
All the way from the United States of America, USA in short, Mario Badescu brings you the same excellent solution to your problem skin it has given countless A-list celebrities with its signature line of skincare products that’s all proven to effectively protect against acne, fight the signs of skin aging, and improve various skin conditions! Established in 1967, it has a legacy of over 40 years as a skin care solution.

In their range of products, they have:
Acne Facial Cleanser
 Anti Acne Serum
♥ Buffering Lotion
 Drying Cream
 Glycolic Acid Toner
♥ Silver Powder
♥ Special Cucumber Lotion
♥ Special Healing Powder

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I've chosen the Anti Acne Serum and Buffering Lotion as I think those were the ones that are suitable as treatment for my current skin condition. Their products are suitable for combination and oily skin and best of all, not tested on animals! YAY!

1. Buffering Lotion
Battle cystic acne with this solution which is easily absorb-able by skin thanks to its sulfur base. It soothes redness, targets under the skin pimples, and prevents new ones from emerging.

✔ Soothes inflamed skin
✔ Promotes healing
✔ Anti-redness 
✔ Aid tissue regrowth

As you can see, there are two layers in the solution which will then turn completely milky once you have shaken it.

A narrow tip which prevents overflow of product when you want to apply it. Try to avoid contact with the tip as to prevent bacteria and such from contamination.

How to apply?
1. Apply after cleansing and toning.
2. Shake the bottle until sediment has completely dissolved.
3. Using clean fingertips, apply the solution to areas of cystic breakout.
4. Recommended to use it nightly.

The smell of antiseptic is pretty strong which I assume explains the effectiveness of it. Even though so, it doesn't cause dryness to the skin which totally gained an approval from me as I strongly dislike products that cause dryness as I find it damaging rather than healing. So, thumbs up for this! (:

2. Anti Acne Serum
Made from their unique blend of ingredients,  it keep breakouts at bay as it minimizes the frequency and severity of your breakouts!

✔ Has antibacterial and antiseptic properties
✔ Dissolves dead skin cells
✔ Reduces pore-clogging debris
✔ Improves clarity and texture of skin
✔ Speeds up healing process
✔ Prevents spreading of acnes

A gel based product, it is easy to apply and quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no trace of sticky or oily feeling. It is recommended to apply before bed.

Same as the product above, it does not leave my skin oily nor dry. Another thumbs up! :)

After using the product for a week...

I can conclude that...
1. My skin does not feel dry or oily from using the product.
2. My acne shrunk in size.
3. Acne scars have lighten.
4. Growth and spreading of acne are in control.
5. Skin condition has improved.

So, would I recommend this product? Yup, definitely! I think it would be a big help to all acne sufferers out there who are looking for products which are both affordable and effective. Besides, I think it could last you a while since you would only be applying little by little on the affected areas.

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Do share with me your experiences if you have try these products as well.

Till then, 
Much loves, xoxo. 

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