Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

A dear friend of mine had been telling me there's this cute cafe near her place at Bukit Jalil and they have awesome desserts that look tempting as well. That sneaky one even sent us some photos after her visit there, and poor me only got to stare and drool at my phone as I was lazy to drive up.

Eventually, I lost to the temptations and did a trip there to have a sugar date with her (:
First look at the place and I fell in love instantly!

I would say the whole place screams CUTE and ADORABLE!

And from the look of it, you know why it's called The Owls Cafe because it's literally filled with owls all over it; the walls, the decors, the fluffy pillows, they are everywhere and in the cutest designs!

Didn't really walk around to take photos as there were many people that day, and apparently business is good almost everyday. So, sometimes you gotta queue to get a spot.

Everything looks pretty yummy from the menu but there's only two of us, so it's kinda limited the portion of food we can order :(

Coffee's good there, right amount of everything to make a good dose.

This is great! Not too sweet and the aroma is drooling-ly yummy! (If there is such word, LOL)

Love this as well! I think it was called the 'Milo Dinosaur', what a cute name. Who would thought Milo can go well with marshmallows, ice-cream and a waffle? Yet again, Milo goes well with almost everything, yummy (:

And who could resist beautiful flowers? 

In short, I would totally give two thumbs up for this place as I love the design and concept (it's so cute I could die!), the food is awesome!, coffee is great as well and the price is affordable. Would say it's worth for the value ;) Definitely dropping by again!

Do check them out:
The Owls Cafe
12-1, First Floor,
Block 5, Jalil Link,
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Much loves, xoxo.

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