Monday, September 29, 2014

France: City of Romance, Paris! ❤

Bonjour, I'm back with my promised blog post on the continuation of my France trip!
Of course not forgetting the graveyard facing hotel room! If you haven't read about my experience of flying with Qatar Airways, you can read it here (:

So, going on a school trip means everything is under budget, you can't be expecting stays in 5 star hotels and such. I don't usually stay in fancy hotels during my own trips so all I'm putting into my expectations are a clean and decent hotel with necessary facilities. Hotel F1 Paris Porte de Chatillon has been the choice of Taylor's for every France trip so we've heard stories from the seniors of course, spooky ones and fun ones. I didn't take any photo at the hotel as it was really late when we arrived, all I wanted was my bed and a good sleep. So all photos of this hotel is taken online.

I guess this is the most basic room; 2 beds, a television, a small table with a chair, hand sink to wash up and some hangers to hang your clothes. No closet, no personal toilet, no makeup table.

I'll say it's pretty decent and clean and you have all the necessary items including WiFi but the signal is really weak. I was disconnected from the social media world for 2 days while in the hotel :( Oh, they do not use any room key card or keys, just punch in the pin number will do. There's no air-conditioner or fan either but the weather is cold enough to go without those (:

So, when my roommate lifted up the window blinds, we were facing directly at the graveyard. Even though it was dark and we couldn't really see anything, you can still feel the chills and our room was right at the corner side so it was quieter. But when we get to see it in the morning, the graveyard was actually really pretty, not like those you've seen in spooky movies where there's wild grass growing here and there.

And this is their toilet, small personal cubicles and there's no separating male and female so bring along a bathrobe or just the clothes you are changing into to the bathroom with you if you don't want to walk around in your towel or lingerie. We've seen many boys in their boxers within that 2 days.

Good morning from Paris! Only one day to explore, let's go!
(Here comes the photo spams!)

We bought a one day unlimited access metro ticket only to travel by foot for the whole day but it was worth it as I love looking at their amazing architectural structures. Everything is so artsy and beautiful! 

First meal in France! Pretty yummy!

Pretty buildings are literally just everywhere!

Paris' famous Love Locks Bridge, Pont des Arts. There is a couple of these there, both bearing different meanings, so make sure you get the right one to "lock" your love. We were really lucky to have visited this place before the incident where part of the bridge's railing collapsed into the river happened. Apparently the locks are removed as they were too heavy for the railings to support and it's very dangerous for the people who use the river as a mean of transportation. If you want to "lock" your love there, buy a nice lock before going to Paris!

Where the famous painting of Mona Lisa resides,  Musée du Louvre. We didn't enter the museum as the queue was pretty long and I've heard that you will not finish looking at all the items even if you were to be in there for a whole day!

Cannot afford your dream fancy car? It's okay, take a ride in one for 89 euros!

Champs-Élysées, shopaholics' heaven!
You can find all sorts of stores here, H&M, Sephora, Louis Vuitton, Zara, you name it!

Beautiful streets of Paris (:

Photobomber alert!

Now we are heading towards the icon of Paris, can you guess it?

Beautiful flowers blooming along the way ...

An obvious hint! ;)

The beautiful Eiffel Tower!
You have not visited Paris if you do not visit here! I would say that the tower looks so much more prettier at night with all the lights. We visited in the evening as most of the stores are closed by 7pm and Parisians means serious business when it comes to working hours. By 6.30-6.45pm, they would have close the doors and customers are not allowed to enter the store. It was already 9 something, close to 10pm when we arrived at the tower.

A close up shot (:

After we are done with many many many selfies and groupfies and gotten some fresh awesome churros for 5 euros, we went and queued for the tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower. There's different prices for students and adults. If not mistaken, you can only purchase the student's ticket if you are below the age of 24.

Okay, we are going up now!

Hello Paris!

It was freezing up there! The wind was so strong and cold that even with my thick Michelin jacket, I was still freezing! Forgotten to bring my gloves along, a hardcore training to resist the freeze! But it was really beautiful up there, many couples were busy making out too. I think we were all up there for half an hour or so, busy walking around snapping photos and to keep ourselves warm enough from becoming snow humans!

Apart from the paranoia and danger of being pick-pocketed, Paris is actually a really pretty and beautiful city. There are many hot and cute French guys around too, they speak English btw! I would definitely be back for more memories there, I'm already missing it as I'm writing this post.

Time for bed now, need to be up in a few hours time for work!
Stay tune for my continuation on Toulouse!

Much loves, xoxo.

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  1. wow i wish one day i would get to visit the city of romance! =D


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