Monday, November 14, 2016

A trip to Hong Kong!

Hi guys! Finally I'm back with a new blog post. And as promised, I would be blogging again soon, mostly on my vacations as I've read some comments from the readers that they find some of my personal reviews and recommendations have helped them decide on their choices.

Last December, we flew to the land of TVB drama.. HONG KONG!
Had a mixed feeling about this trip as I was both excited to see this new place yet having a hold back as the currency was pretty crap at that moment. Still pretty much is as of now! *sighs*

Okay, let's go into Hong Kong's trip details!

ACCOMMODATION: Golden Wave Hotel

This hotel was personally recommended by a family friend who had been to HK before and mention that the local owner is very friendly and provides good services with clean rooms at affordable price. Therefore, we made our bookings by phone call prior to our departure from KL.

True to the recommendation, the owner was very nice throughout the booking and upon arrival, we gotten our rooms at immediate pace. He even recommended some local eateries which are great yet not commercialized. I think that is a bonus as the usual commercialized ones are more pricey.

As shown in the video, the room is quite small but I would say it's clean and sufficient enough for my stay as I am not fuss with the room size as long as the location is convenient and it is clean. So, I am definitely recommending this place for you if you are a budget traveler looking for a hotel situated at strategic location with easy access to food, pubs, public transport and etc.

(If you are considering to stay in this hotel, I have included the owner's name card at the end of my video and do mention that you are recommended by a friend from Malaysia. They are happy to welcome any guests especially those that are recommended friends of past guests)

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

Once we settled down, went to look for dinner and the owner actually recommended us to try out their 'Wan Tan Mien' (dumpling noodles).

See how huge the dumplings are! And they are 100% filled with shrimps, bonus!
These are what I would called pure shrimps dumplings.

After dinner we went and have dessert, their McDonald's black sesame + vanilla ice-cream and they are the bomb! I wish Malaysia will have this heaven's flavor soon!

And to complete our simple night, we went for a walk at Star Avenue where most locals would visit to have a relaxing walk and watch the beautiful Symphony of Lights that is famous there.

The night was pretty much spent hanging around just enjoying the night, breeze and music. It was quite foggy so we can't really take nice photos of the beautiful lighted buildings across the river. But there are many photo booths available where you pay them to take photos of you with the scenery professionally (which of course is not cheap).

The colorful Christmas tree was really mesmerizing for me. Was standing there staring at it quite some time watching it change colors every now and then. Guess that I always have something for pretty stuff.

That's pretty much how we used up day 1 in Hong Kong (:
In the next post, you will see the must have cuisine, dim sum! And of course, one of their famous theme parks.. Ocean Park!

So, stay tuned for more of Hong Kong.

Till then, much loves. Xoxo


  1. You are so lucky! Hong Kong looks beautiful! Hopefully one day I'll get to travel outside of the U.S. and see some of these awesome places. :)

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

    1. Hey Sarah, it is beautiful but I much prefer other places. HK's pace is kinda hectic for me. But yes, do visit if you have the opportunity and I'll be posting up on Aus too as well. Stay tuned! <3


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